Saturday, May 22, 2010

A tribute to Funfetti

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After spending the last few days working on my first recipe I decided to take a break from "scratch" cupcakes and go back to an old favorite, Funfetti. I'd completely forgotten how delicious they were because I'd been eating my mutant concoctions all week. When you are making funfetti there is a certain point in the baking process that the smell of sweet cakey goodness hits you and you get excited for the dessert portion of the evening. Frankly, 90% of the reason I eat dinner is for dessert. The remaining 10% is so I don't have to eat a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night to tide me over until breakfast.

What is it about the Funfetti? Every time I go to take a bite it looks like something you'd serve at a 6 year old's birthday party... and it is....but I know there are other mommies like me making funfetti cupcakes under the guise of special treats for their kids just to devour them after the kids are asleep. They are the perfect cupcake.If they were to somehow incorporate chocolate into the recipe without losing the simplicity that makes it so yummy I would gain an extra 30 lbs in only a few months. Whatever it is, I love them and may never lose the baby weight because of them.

Here's to you Funfetti... You're the best!

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